I am 27 years old, my weight was 80 kilograms, and suddenly it concerns me a lot that weight gain is not good at all. I am feeling insecure and with weight gain, I am losing my confidence as well. I am not able to look into the mirror as well. As you can say I am feeling low and depressed about my body weight gain. I always give excuses to myself and others we do not have time to do exercises due to our hectic office life. Then I take a pledge in the middle of June to walk at least 10,000 steps daily. When I have started I do not have stamina and my legs were starting hurting before completing my daily target. Slowly and gradually I continue to meet my daily targets from 10,000 steps I become to achieve 15 thousand steps than 20 thousand steps than 25 thousand steps now I have achieved 30000 steps in a single day. It’s been 3.5 months since I have lost 4 Kilogram by simple walking in starting 2 months I am unable to see any changes at first few weeks and I started to lose hope but I continue with my daily targets and at last, when I see I loose 4 Kilograms provides me the confidence to keep continuing further to stay healthy and fit.

© Himanshu Singh, 2020

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