Arresting #ArnabGoswami

Arresting #ArnabGoswami is despicable.

The Maharashtra, government has no respect for rule of law & constitutional freedoms. This reminds us of the dark days of emergency!

This is a black day for India’s democracy. This is a black day for India’s free speech. We don’t need the pseudos of the world.

Arnab Goswami, who was seen being pushed into the police van, claimed that he was assaulted by police at his home while being taken away.

“They beat my son,” says Arnab Goswami from the police van on shameful assault & arrest.

Isn’t this an emergency-like situation in Mumbai?

Why is the state selectively behind only those that aren’t dancing to the tunes of the government, but are simply impartially reporting facts?

The arrest of Arnab Goswami proves that the ruling Political party can use Police to arrest anyone they wish to arrest.

Dissent allows expression in spite of the differences we may have with someone, but political persecution of free press is strongly condemnable.

Those who are exercising tacit silence are secretly turning into cheerleaders of an autocracy.

We stand with You #ArnabGoswami

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