Soorarai Pottru Review: One word inspiring.

Air Deccan founder GR Gopinath took to Twitter to shower praises on Suriya’s recently-released film, Soorarai Pottru. The film, directed by Sudha Kongara Prasad, is receiving rave reviews from the audience and critics.

Soorarai Pottru translates to ‘praise the brave’, It opens with an Air Deccan flight — the story is loosely based on the life of Captain G R Gopinath, who pioneered India’s low cost airlines with Air Deccan), making an emergency landing at an Indian Air Force base instead of the Chennai airport.

Nedumaaran is a former air force captain who wants to start an airline company that’s affordable to all at a very low price.

He derives his inspiration from Paresh Goswami the owner of Jaz airlines, who started his career as a middle-class man and then rose to great heights through his hard-work in the airline business.

Nedumaaran meets Sundari through an alliance proposal and proposes to her but she initially rejects him as he has vested interests only in flights and airlines which arouses doubts in her mind if he could be the “husband stuff”.

Moreover, she feels that her bakery business might get affected by this relationship. However, when they meet a few years later, Nedumaaran manages to convince her and they both agree to support each other’s interests and finally get married.

In the meantime, Nedumaaran and his friends plan schemes to start their business and with great difficulty manage to get an appointment with Paresh. However, Nedumaaran gets disappointed after knowing the negative vested interests of Paresh that would hinder his growth as he considers Nedumaaran his rival.

After facing stiff competition from other airline rivals including that of Paresh and after challenging all the hurdles set by them, Nedumaaran and his team of former air force captains finally manage to pull over the tide and launch their airline company- ‘Deccan air’.

They are being helped in this endeavor by their village people, their family members, and by certain like-minded good businessmen who are dedicated to doing service for the society.

This movie is about all those young aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. It gave so much power and courage to fight with enhanced confidence. This movie tale teaches how much trouble you have faced and how much time you face failures if you never give up, if you stick to what you want to achieve in your life after failures you can finally achieve it and failures teach you the real meaning of success.

Soorai Pottru is a masterpiece backed by Suriya Sivakumar impeccable performance. Playing Maara different phases of life with perfection in this story of hope and triumph.

The movie shows the struggle of a common man who dreams big and to break the barriers between the rich and poor, dream that common people have a right to fly in the sky at a low-cost fare. The movie shows how the nexus between capitalists and bureaucrats have been instrumental in crushing anyone who dares to dream big, but the closing visuals of the joy on the faces of the common people who take the flight on Maara’s aircraft ensure a smooth touchdown.

The film, currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, has powerful performances from Suriya, Aparna Balamurali, and Paresh Rawal.

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