A story of lost soul of 27 years old.

Photo by Lu00ea Minh on Pexels.com

This story is about a man who is twenty-seven years old and still unknown about the fact that he needs in his life and what it is his goal that he wants to achieve in his life.

When he in his teenage he wants to achieve so many things in the world. He wants to make a difference and change the world with his style and he partially takes some initiative for social awareness among people to fight against the social evils in the society however you can say while changing society and fighting against social evils.

Society has changed him, he is stuck in the same system in which society runs by the elite community. He wants to become an actor but belongs to a middle-class family whom he has to support his family during the financial crisis in the family so after graduation he gets a job in a corporate company where he thinks at first he will work on weekdays and attend acting classes on weekends.

Which he only thinks and which never becomes a true reality as once he entered the corporate world he didn’t know that the corporate environment is going to suck him.

He has to work on Saturdays as well and occasionally on Sundays as well. He was just twenty-two years old when he wants to become an actor and started a job to support his family and thinking in mind that he will carry on with acting course in week offs which is still an illusion after five years now he is twenty-seven and question with himself what will happen next in his life.

He is a little disappointed, frustrated, and annoyed with the life he is living where he cannot achieve his dreams and goals that he wanted to achieve in his life.

If we talk about the youth these days around the world you can see most are unskilled labor. They are doing the work against their wills and not found of work which they are working on the Corporate offices.

They are sitting over there just assuming to thinking about when the shift will end and they will leave for their home and in their sleep, they will unhappily thinking about that they have to wake up tomorrow again to go to the office where he is just working as others people are working against their wills just for making money for their bread and butter.

My point is today we do not have creative minds, artists, philosophers, thinkers, reformers, believers in high numbers as these people are working somewhere in the Corporate offices making presentations for their companies project wasting their talent where they cannot utilize their hundred percent.

And the story I began with the man who is 27 years old is one of them. Which is also an unskilled labor like other creative minds, artists, philosophers, thinkers, reformers, believer people who are working somewhere in the corporate.

Photo by Bruno Massao on Pexels.com

© Himanshu Singh, 2020

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