April Chapter 2

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I was sitting at my home & I got a text saying hey, Al Pacino how are you? This side Sharon stone. I replied I am great. How are you? She replied saying good & asked are you coming to the college this week to submit your assignments? I replied yes. 

She said okay so what time you will come she asked. I replied around 11 am which means I have no idea which time I will be reached.  

You guys were thinking what the shit is going on. Is this is a normal story to tell? The answer is I don’t know. I am just sharing this story.

So back to the story guys, I haven’t made my assignments till I got a text from April. As in reality, I am a very lazy guy from my childhood. 

It is just not that I am too lazy it is just in which a task is given to me and there is no deadline or I think it is not important now. I will do later that task I always neglected to do it later due to my laziness. 

So somehow I reached completing two assignments and submitted another 3 assignments later which cost me 1500 rupees plus extra to make a demand draft. Which is another story which I will tell you somehow later. 

Conclusion my laziness cost me 1500 rupees. So as I manage to complete two assignments which I made by reviewing points from Wikipedia, & finding notes with the help of study material of Jamia Milia Islamia & Indra Gandhi’s national open university books. 

It was Saturday morning, I wake up took my bag went to the bus station. Caught the bus for Lajpat Nagar. I never get a seat while going to college & somehow I got lucky to get a seat in the middle of the journey. 

I have always had bad luck that always a senior citizen, uncle, or aunty came and stand next to my seat which results in me have to vacant the seat. 

On the bus journey, my time pass was to listen to music. Now you guys were thinking I have music taste of Punjabi, Bollywood at that time. No at that time I used to listen to English, Spanish pop, rock, and rap music. 

So once I caught the bus at the Saturday morning. I took the ticket from the bus conductor. I have got a call from April. Hey, are you coming to college today? I said yes I am on my way to college. She said okay so meet you at college. I replied okay and disconnected the call. 

As usual, I drop at Lajpat Nagar bus station. Waited for the bus that drops me at Jamia college. I have waited around 15-20 minutes but no luck. 

In between one bus came but it was fully packed and I always neglect buses if it was fully packed with people. 

I take an autorickshaw for the college and reached college in 10 minutes from Lajpat Nagar to Jamia college gate number 17. 

I started walking at the center of distance learning, where the may I help you counterman asked me to come from the backside which I did. 

In the meantime, I have got a call from April. She said where are you? I said in the college and I asked where are you? She said at the end of the backside of the canteen college & said come here fast. 

I said okay. I asked the may I help you, counterman, where I have to submit the political science master first-year assignments. 

He guided me to go to the backside of the canteen. I started walking towards the backside of the college and upon reaching there I start seeing people copying assignments with others and some of them are making fresh assignments sitting in the park of the college. Some are in the queue submitting their college assignments. 

I also lined up in the queue for submitting my only two assignments out of five. I heard a voice hey Al Pacino. 

I turn around to look & I have seen a smiling face approaches me it was April. Once she shouted hey Al Pacino. People in the queue starting to seeing me. 

She reached me and raise her hand towards me and I did the same and we handshake. I see a blush on her face & after ten seconds I take my hand down. I said how are you? She said I am good & asked how are you? I said I am excellent. 

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