April Chapter 3

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

April said have you completed your assignments. I said yes & in truth, I have just completed two out of five. It is just I don’t want an English honors girl don’t think I am dumb & lazy. I asked have you completed your assignments she replied yes and I have submitted it already. 

I replied great. A boy and girl approaches to April. April introduced be with them. They are classmates of April. The boy worked in media and pursuing a master’s in English honors. 

At that time I asked myself what I am doing with my life. I wanted to complete my master’s, then I have to pursue a doctorate & write my thesis to publish. 

In thoughts, I want to create history to become greater than 

  • Socrates. Greek philosopher.
  • Aristotle. Greek philosopher. 
  • Plato. Greek philosopher. 
  • John Locke. English philosopher. 
  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. German philosopher. 
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Swiss-born French philosopher.
  • David Hume. Scottish philosopher.

But when reality kicks my laziness crushed my dreams. I hope it’s happening with 97 percent of the people living in this world. 

April’s friends said we are going to the canteen. She said you guys carry on I will come here when my friend submitted his assignment.

I said hey April you don’t need to stand here as once I submit my assignments I will leave from the college. 

She said why are you don’t take today’s lecture. I said no. In the meantime, some of my classmates came to know, and handshake with me. And went away to the classroom saying meet you in class. 

I said okay. April asked you have said to me that you will not attend classes today now you said to those guys that you will coming to class.

I said to April I simply lied to those guys. I don’t like those fucking hypocrites. She said why? I simply said they like Saudi Arabia and its laws and I like India. 

She said I don’t understand. I simply said don’t take such stress it’s a political science thing. We don’t talk like Charles Dickens and I am not William Shakespeare. I know you like Jane Austen’s but we do political science students always fought over the thinker’s views. We do not love the subject like you guys. I said I am a philosopher with my philosophy. 

She said wow you are talked like a philosopher. She said if you are not going to attend classes can we go to the library. I said okay. She said let’s go. 

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