April Chapter 4

Photo by sergio souza on Pexels.com

We started walking towards the library. I first saw the Jamia Milia Islamia college library. Saw people studying silently. To be frank I am not a library guy at all. During my under graduation, I went to the library to renew my library cards every year. When I used to sit in peace means to get cooling off AC in the hot summer.

You can find me at the library. I said to April do you wish to study here or do you want to issue a book from here. She said no. She said as you were not interested in attending classes so I thought we can group study at the library. I said to her how that is possible you are a student of commerce and I am a student of political science honors.

She smiled and said yes you are saying right. She said so we can do one thing you can read one of your course books and I will do the same. I said I can do it at my home as well. I have all my books available and do not need anything from the library. She said okay so I will continue reading one of the course books to cover my syllabus and will make notes. I said cool you can continue I will meet you later. She said are you leaving. I said yes.

She made a sad face and said why? I politely answered him when will I do staying here as I had nothing to do here. She said we will talk about something. I said what. She said anything. I said to April listen we can do this over the phone as well once you will decide what you want to talk about so we can discuss it through text. She said no I cannot do this thing over the phone and asked me to come outside of the library. I followed her towards the bench which was planted in the campus garden.

There was no one in the garden at that time. She holds my hand and said I want to share with you something which is bothering me for some weeks. I said what is bothering you April she said I am too afraid to say in front of you. I said don’t be afraid. I asked if it something serious. She said yes. Now I am getting to judge the feelings, emotions, and expressions on her face towards me. But I am not in hurry to say anything first. I could be wrong.

It would be around one-two minutes she had holding my hands and it seems she is gathering the courage to say something strong. I said what is it April say it. Because when she has held my hands those two minutes was like she has held my hands for centuries. At last, I hear some murmured sound. She said Himanshu I said yes. She said Himanshu I like you. I like you very much. I replied thank you.

She started blushing and said I like you when I first saw you so I started liking you very very much which increased day by day. She said I am sorry but do you have a girlfriend. I said no. She smiled at me. She said can I be your girlfriend. I said yes.

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