April Chapter 9

Photo by Katie E on Pexels.com

We reached the bus station. There was an uncle who is at the bus station when we both reached. A bus came and uncle leave with the bus towards his destination.

April and I have held our hands we both sat silently on the bus station holding our hands just looking at each other and the surrounding moving vehicles and people walking.

Suddenly a mobile starts ringing and it was April’s phone which was ringing. April pull out the phone from his jeans pocket and it was his dad’s call. Her dad was asking when she was and what time she will reach home.

April said to her dad she just left the college and going to the metro station. Once the call ended, April looked at me smiled, and said today is the best day of his life.

I watched my watch and it was pretty late actually but, to be frank, it was feeling that a few minutes has just passed.

April said to me, Himanshu now is the time we have to depart.

I simply nod a minute later mini metro bus arrived April went inside the bus and sat at the window seat.

Bus started she started waving at me to say bye. I waved my hand and start saying bye to her through the action of my hand.

And in a few moments, the bus vanished from my eyes. As it went far away in distance.

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