Timbl Broadband Scam Internet Company

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

My internet is not working since 3rd August and it only worked on 10th and 11th August and today is 29th August.

Every time I called timbl (RI Networks Pvt. Ltd.) service they only said our team is working and it will be fixed by the day end but only days are passing without any resolution.

My brother called a timbl (RI Networks Pvt. Ltd.) technician who called in rude language that complaint as much you can we will not resolve your issue and demanded 700 rupees for the visit. At last, he said will visit at 7 Pm dated 26th August but I tried to contact him his number was unreachable.

My brother tried to contact him on 27th August which the technician continuously disconnect the call. So my brother tried with another number he picks up the call and spoke in very rude language he visited the location. Which he doesn’t my brother politely said have you called when you reached my brother is waiting for you. He started lying and his tone was not appropriate.

I continued the conversation with him and said when you came I was whole time waiting for you. His tone was inappropriate but I continued to be polite. He started saying I don’t have time to speak to 75 people in your family and threaten to not resolve the issue.

His tone was not appropriate from the beginning of the call of 27 August and not on 26 August and then he started using abusive language and blocked my brother’s phone number.

Another technician called what happened given assurance to fix the issue but didn’t arrive.

I have filed a complaint against the technician who used abusive language.

Here are the details.

A complaint has been received successfully.

Complaint Reference Number: 81710302100690, 28/08/2021.

Consumer Court Complaint Docket ID: 2926544

Ticket number: 2036085C068 Raised on timbl (RI Networks Pvt. Ltd.)

I paid in advance for 3 months in the amount of 2297.47. For which my connection is not working nor they are providing any resolution plus their technician spoke in a rude tone and used abusive language over the call. For which I am under mental stress and it’s has impacted my job as well as I am working from home.

timbl (RI Networks Pvt. Ltd.) is a scam company I urge people to beware of it.


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