Thank you for 5000 views ๐Ÿ˜Š

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 I hit 5000 views on the blog! I started my blog back in 2021 October with my first post named what is afterlife which I wrote down when I am planning to wrote down a screenplay. I shared the post with a few of my friends they read it and provide me feedback it could have been better and you sound like a philosopher and one said to me you jumped to different topics in one post consistency is needed what you are trying to say not to jump on different topics in one post. I respectfully appreciate every individual feedback and post down my first post as it is without making any changes to it to see the response how other people view it and I am open to their views and feedback that’s how my blogging journey was started.

Most people gave me feedback that you have to stick on one topic like food, lifestyle, tourism, fitness, news, review, personal blog, etc however I do not want to stick to one particular thing as in my mind so many things come and go and I want to write which I can post on my blog so I have mentioned on my blog I am here to express my thoughts and ideas on my blog.

5000 people have visited my blog which is a big number for me as people arrived on my blog to see who is Himanshu Singh and how is his blog looks like.

It is just a beginning for me let’s see how far I will go.

Thanks again to each one of you.

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