Coping with hair loss

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Though many people find ways to treat mild forms of baldness, it will likely increase with age.

How a person chooses to cope with hair loss is up to them. Some make adjustments to their treatment in order to keep their full head of hair for as long as possible. Even so, treatment options may not be as successful as the person ages and their hair becomes thinner and weaker.

Others may choose to find more permanent options, such as hair transplants. Other people may decide to wear hair pieces or head garments to cover up their baldness.

Some choose to shave their head entirely, instead of seeking treatment.

It is important to remember that male pattern baldness is a normal part of aging and not something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.


Balding and hair loss are very common, especially as people get older.

Understanding the Norwood scale and which stage of male pattern baldness a person is at can help them work with doctors to discover the best treatment options.

There are a number of treatment options available to help treat male pattern baldness, and the results of each can vary from person to person.

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