Two Nihang Sikh killed a 29-year-old man

29-year-old Zomato delivery agent, Sagar, was stabbed to death by two Nihang Sikhs in full public view in west Delhi.

Sagar picked up food from a restaurant and stopped on the opposite side of the road to smoke when Nihangs objected to it as smoking is prohibited in Sikhism.

They first stabbed Sagar in the chest with kirpan and then beat him up with bricks leading to massive blood loss.

Asif, another delivery agent who was passing by called for medical help but it was too late by then.

One Nihang nabbed, another on the run.

There have been just too many incidents of fatal violence perpetrated by sword-wielding Nihang Sikhs lately but the authorities have chosen to turn a blind eye to this unfolding horror because of appeasement reasons.

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