Justice For Kanhaiya Lal

Udaipur horror is a wake up call. While propaganda is being silently built by a certain ecosystem against India, nobody is bothered about such Islamist radicalisation and terror entering small districts and cities of India. Hearing Police had refused security to Kanhaiyalal. God.

Outrageous to see some young journalists brand Udaipur killing as communal violence. Stop covering up. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of calling it honestly what it is – Islamist radicalization and terrorism. Nothing more. Nothing less. Don’t wait for it to knock on your doors.

The names of Udaipur Islamic Terrorists have been corrected as Gaus Mohammed & Riyaz, both are residents of Surajpole, Udaipur: Police.

After the horrific murder in Udaipur, when police reached the incident site they faced violence & stone-pelting in which many of them got injured.

#JusticeForKanhaiyaLal should be the only cry for every Indian.

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