Flood Jihad has spread from Assam to Uttar Pradesh

How many forms of jihad do you have ? You must have heard all the names of Jihad. Sometimes love jihad, sometimes land jihad , sometimes citizenship jihad , birth registration jihad, sometimes street jihad and UPSC jihad… Under all kinds of experiments of jihad, religious fanatics are seen carrying out nefarious acts. Recently, a sensational case of flood jihad came to light from the northeastern state of Assam , which was prominently placed in front of the country by Sudarshan News , warning the country.

Now flood jihad has spread from Assam to Uttar Pradesh. According to the news, the police have registered a case against 6 accused while trying to cut the canal track in Lakhimpur Kheri , Uttar Pradesh. Against all these, the Junior Engineer of the Irrigation Department has given a complaint and information to the police. The names of the accused are Rikshan Shah , Sikandar Shah , Wasim Khan , Sardar Ali , Zeeshan Ali and Muddrik Ali.

Police has arrested Zeeshan in this case. The incident is being told of July 13. According to the Tahrir given by Junior Engineer Satyendra Verma , “ On July 13, I was inspecting the canal in my area with my team. During this time I found Rikshan Shah , Sikandar Shah , Wasim Khan , Sardar Ali , Zeeshan Ali and Muddrik Ali cutting the canal track on the track number 96.588 of Bankagaon. 

The complainant has further stated that at the same time I informed the police about this act from dial 112. It is further told in the complaint that after seeing us, the accused left their 2 bikes there and fled. The bike numbers are UP 31 AC 2673 and DL 75 W 6802.

On the basis of this complaint, the police have registered a case against all the 6 accused under section 2/3 of the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act along with section 427 of IPC . Police say that the search is on for the rest of the accused , who will be arrested soon.

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