The Grey Man Review


Senior CIA official Donald Fitzroy visits a convicted murderer in prison. He offers the murderer his freedom in exchange for working as an assassin in the CIA’s Sierra program. The murderer agrees and takes on the codename of Sierra Six.

Eighteen years later, on a mission in Bangkok, Six is ordered to assassinate a target suspected of selling off national security secrets, working with fellow CIA agent Dani Miranda. However, he is unable to do so stealthily without harming civilians and so attacks the target directly, mortally wounding him. Before dying, the target reveals that he worked in the Sierra program as Sierra Four, and hands him an encrypted drive detailing the corruption of rising star CIA official Denny Carmichael, who is also the lead agent on the assassination mission. Carmichael is elusive about the true purpose of the mission and the contents of the drive when confronted by Six, leading to Six choosing to refuse evacuation from Bangkok with Carmichael’s men.

Six sends the drive to former Sierra Program handler Margaret Cahill in Prague and requests extraction from a now-retired Fitzroy. Carmichael hires mercenary Lloyd Hansen, a former CIA agent kicked out of the agency for his sociopathic tendencies, to track down Six and retrieve the drive. Hansen does so by kidnapping Fitzroy’s niece Claire, in order to force Fitzroy to authorise Six’s murder by the extraction team. However, Six kills them and escapes.

Frustrated, Carmichael sends his subordinate Suzanne Brewer to oversee Hansen and keep him in line. Hansen keeps Fitzroy and Claire hostage in a mansion in Croatia, where he has also based his operations centre. Hansen additionally puts a bounty on Six’s head to attract the world’s best mercenaries and assassins to hunt him down. Six heads to Vienna to receive new documents, but his contact Laszlo Sosa betrays him for the bounty. Six escapes just as Hansen arrives with his team, and is subsequently rescued but taken captive by Miranda, whose reputation is in tatters following the Bangkok mission. Six convinces her to drive him to see Cahill, where she is able to decrypt the drive and discover the extent of Carmichael’s corruption on behalf of a mysterious benefactor working for a shadow government.

Hansen sends several teams of assassins to Cahill’s home, leading the terminally ill Cahill to sacrifice herself to give Six and Miranda the opportunity to escape after a further shootout in the streets of Vienna. The two take refuge in a hospital where the mercenary “Lone Wolf” steals the drive from them and brings it to Hansen. Six and Miranda track down Claire through the wireless signal broadcast from her pacemaker. With Miranda creating a distraction, Six infiltrates the mansion and rescues Fitzroy and Claire. Fitzroy is mortally wounded as they flee and sacrifices himself in a failed attempt to kill Hansen. Lone Wolf defeats Miranda in a fight but decides to give her the drive anyway, having become disgusted with Hansen’s willingness to kill children and his lack of morals.

Hansen manages to take Claire hostage and drags her into a hedge maze. After a standoff, Hansen lets go of Claire and fights with Six. However, before Six can kill him, Hansen is shot and killed by Brewer, who tells Six that she plans to pin Carmichael’s actions on Hansen in order to gain leverage over him. Furthermore, Brewer pledges Claire’s safety but only if Six continues to work for the CIA. Six and Miranda are forced to co-operate in the coverup, where ultimately no action is taken against Carmichael. However, Six escapes custody and frees Claire from where she is being held at a secret location. The two escape whilst Carmichael and Brewer are left dumbfounded as to how Six was able to get away.



The Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans-starrer is a one-time watch, despite its gorgeous locations, massive set pieces, and all the cool-looking action.



Here is the link to The Grey Man trailer.

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