Supreme Court attorney Vineet Jindal received death threats

On Tuesday night, Supreme Court attorney Vineet Jindal received death threats and requested protection from the Delhi Police. “Allah ka paigham hai Vineet Jindal, tera bhi sar tan se juda karenge jald hi (It’s Allah’s message, Vineet Jindal; we’ll behead you soon)”, an unidentified letter stated.

According to the reports, Jindal seeking protection from the Delhi Police informed them that he received the anonymous letter after he got back home on July 26, at around 8:30 pm. His residence has CCTV, however, those who hurled the piece of paper with the threat on it were not caught by the CCTV.

He took to Twitter to share the letter and urged DCP Northwest to look into the matter. He tweeted, “Today the jihadis threatened to separate me from my body and sent it to my house. This is a threat to my life and my family’s life, and the Delhi Police has already accepted that.”

Jindal also mentioned in the application filed to Delhi Police that earlier had received similar threat messages and calls. “Earlier as well, I have received threat messages and calls from the US, Taiwan and Canada, about which I had informed the Delhi Police. Please investigate the matter,” Jindal said.

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