AMU: Muslim student threatens Hindu student to say ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, remove Kalawa after he opposed a Hindu student being forced to wear Hijab

On Thursday, a Hindu student studying at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) of Uttar Pradesh was thrashed and mentally tortured by a Muslim student named Rehwar. The Muslim student also threatened him with a gun and forced him to chant pro-Pakistani slogans like, “Pakistan Zindabad”.

According to the Zee news report, the victim Hindu student has been identified as Saket Kumar who hails from Karanvash village of Bulandshahar district. He has enrolled for the Master of Technology course at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and is in the first year of his college. Saket stated that Rehwar thrashed him and forced him to say, “Pakistan Zindabad”. He also forced the victim to remove the Kalava (religious band) that he was wearing on his hand.

“We were in the Suleiman hall of the AMU. Rehwar was in an inebriated state when he forced me to remove the Kalava (religious band). He also forced me to hail Pakistan and threatened me with a gun”, the victim said. Saket also said the accused had threatened his sister to wear a hijab.

Reports mention that the accused was mentally torturing a Hindu female student and was forcing her to wear a hijab. He also threatened her on social media. The victim had opposed this act of the accused and so was attacked in the Suleiman hall of the AMU. The victim was immediately taken to the Civil Lines hospital after he was brutally thrashed by Rehwar.

The incident was confirmed by Amit Goswami, a student leader associated with a Hindu organization. He said that a Hindu student of AMU’s MTech has lodged a complaint, in which it has been said that a student named Rehwar of AMU had raised slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and also forced a Hindu student to praise Pakistan.

“It is highly condemnable to threaten our Hindu sister and force her to wear a hijab. We have just spoken to the police officials. Immediate action should be taken against such persons who target Hindu students by becoming fanatics. Strict action shall be taken”, Goswami stated.

Reportedly, an official complaint has been lodged in the case and the Police are investigating the matter. The victim has attained severe injuries on his head and around his neck. The Police have assured him of strict action against the accused in the case.

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