April Chapter 1

Be your own hero, don’t depend on other for help.

In 2017 I have bleached my hair and my friends are liking my new look. A girl called me & said you look like a hippie & I smiled at her then she said don’t take it the wrong way it’s a compliment. I smiled at her again & said I don’t fucking care but thank you. She looked at me for 10 seconds with a blank expression that what just happened but suddenly after 10 seconds, she smiled back.

She asked my name I said my name is Al Pacino. She said her name is Sharon Stone. I smiled at her she smiled back. Then I provided her my name and asked her name she said her name is April. I said what a unique name you have and in my mind April a month she was named what her parents were thinking at that time.

She said what you do I said I am unskilled labor and you? She said she is an actress. And said what does unskilled labor means. I said to work in a multinational company in Gurgaon. She said that’s a good thing you are working & studying at the same time. I said I guess you are right.

I said to her okay see you. Bye and start walking towards the bus station she scream Al Pacino what’s your phone number. I said why? She said to ask if you are coming to college or not. At that time I usually go to college on Saturday only. I said okay I have given my phone number to her by the way she was in master in English honor’s & I was in master’s in political science.

Life became back to normal Monday prepare for office then office to home. The same goes for to rest of the week. On Friday she texted me hey Al Pacino April this side save my number. I replied her okay. Then she asked are you coming tomorrow? I replied I guess let’s see.

She replied to me back a question mark & said honey are you okay? I said yes she replied so are you coming or not. I replied yes I am coming. She replied that’s better.

On Saturday morning due to laziness, I am thinking of skipping classes however I checked my phone and seen April’s text where are you? I quickly take a shower get ready and catch a bus and while traveling replied her I am on my way to college she texted back okay.

I reached college she was outside the classroom. And she came to me and said hi. I said hi to her. Then I asked how are you? She said I am good and asked me how are you? I said I am good too.

I said to April so April see you after class. She smiled at me and I entered my class. After class, I see April was waiting outside for me. She asked how was your class? I said it was fine and yours she said same fine.

I said bye to her and went to the bus station again. This same cycle repeated two more weeks. Then on the fourth week, I skipped my class. I got a text from April where are you? I replied at home. She replied why? Don’t you be here at college? I replied it doesn’t matter & now I will not come to classes. She said why I replied I don’t like to come to classes anymore. She replied after few minutes saying okay.

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