April Chapter 8

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

April hold my hand and smiled we started walking towards the exit of the college.

There is a distance of 3-4 kilometer from the exit gate to the nearest metro station.

Students usually do take rickshaws to reach the metro station.

I usually walked to the bus station which was hardly one kilometer from the college exit gate and commute from Delhi transport air-conditioned half empty busses.

I remember that day was especially we both hold our hands and walking and I cannot express that emotion on paper, it is difficult to explain.

It can be felt and hard to express through words. If I try to express myself through words. I know I couldn’t do justice to those feelings which we feel inside our body holding the hand of the girl whom you started liking and feeling that liking is converting into love.

If someone asks me can you explain those moments how you feel inside your mind heart and body at that time.

In simple words, I will cancel all my plans if April wants to walk with me holding my hand.

When I saw her first time I didn’t think this could happen between both of us.

But at that moment when we are walking holding our hands. I don’t know it was too soon or silly that I thought I had decided I will spend the rest of my life with you April.

I suddenly stopped while walking when this thought came into my mind. When I stopped suddenly, April looked at me. And I said April I want to say you something.

She said yes. I said please do not react if you don’t want to like what I said.

She said Himanshu now you are scaring me. Please speak up. I said to her while walking a thought came to my mind and I just want to say to you.

She said yes what is it. I said to April I had decided I will spend the rest of my life with you.

She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes for a minute. Then she said silly this is the most romantic thing I ever heard in my life whom I like and love. Thank you for that I feel the same. She said.

She hugged and I hugged her back at that moment I was hundred percent sure that I am in love with April.

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