Why Delhi gyms are close

Photo by William Choquette on Pexels.com

We simply don’t understand if Aam Aadmi Party can do rallies offline so why Delhi gyms are closed. As they are following all Covid-19 guidelines and did in past.

They have also had to pay for the infrastructure, employee salaries, electricity bills, and need money for their family expense.

Delhi Gyms’ Association VP Chirag Sethi said: “We will stage our protest at the CM House against the government’s decision of closing the gyms by putting the gyms in yellow zone under the graded response action plan (GRAP).”

“Gyms are open in neighbouring states. The government is not thinking about one lakh people who are employed by the fitness industry in Delhi. The cases have now gone down and gyms are still closed. The fitness industry is dying. Gyms are closed that build immunity, but the wine shops are open,” Sethi said.

In the last 20 months our gyms have been closed for 9 months. How are we going to survive like this? How will we pay rent, fixed electricity and water charges, take care of our family? In evening, if your kid goes out where you want them to go, at a wine shop or to a gym which makes their body and mind healthy, Sethi said.

In Delhi, there are 5500 gyms and over 1 lakh people are dependent on the fitness industry for their livelihood.

Gyms build immunity, it’s easy to track people in gyms in case someone is found Covid positive compare to a restaurant or weekly markets. The businesses that promote immunity are asked to shut but wine shops are open, Sethi lamented.

Delhi on Thursday reported 12,306 fresh COVID-19 cases and 43 more fatalities due to the viral disease, while the positivity rate dipped to 21.48 per cent, according to data shared by the city health department.

This is the highest number of deaths reported in a day since June 10, 2021, when 44 fatalities were recorded.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

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